Rockin’ Jump is a family oriented company – we mean this in both the figurative sense and the literal sense. Our Rockin’ Jump locations are not just a great place for family friendly fun. Our founders have also cultivated an environment where our management and employees can feel like they’re part of a family too. Where their voices are heard, where they are cared for and treated with respect. In turn, we expect every one of our team members to treat our guests the same way.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the key management staff who are charged with keeping our San Carlos park alive and thriving:

Francisco Aguilera

Francisco Aguilera, General Manager, San Carlos Park

Attended CSN Jr college in San Mateo and studied visual expression at Ex’pression College For Digital Arts in Berkeley.¬†Prior to joining Rockin’ Jump, Francisco was a Department Manager at Petco and at the East Bay Vivarium. ¬†Francisco rose through the ranks at Rockin’ Jump and has become a trusted member of our management team. And while from certain angles there may be some resemblance, the answer is “no”, he’s not related to Christina.